Sunday, August 24, 2008

Welcome to My Blog

Well...I finally did it! I've been thinking about setting up this blog for a long time. My classes start tomorrow, so I decided that if I'm going to do it, I'd better get it started today! Hopefully, I'll find enough time to keep it rolling.

Why would I focus a blog on liberty and libertarianism? Well, first of all I think that most Americans have a grossly overly-simplistic view of libertarian doctrine. Even some of its most most ardent defenders tend to gloss over its hidden complexities. Although, I will certainly address contemporary issues that are ripe for libertarian commentary (health care, education, violence, war, welfare, etc), I will also try to further develop its philosophical foundations. Therefore, I will try to clarify basic philosophical architecture that underlies libertarian doctrine, key concepts such as: the liberty principle, personal autonomy, community, non-aggression, coercion, knowledge, evolution, culture, and government.

Let me state out front that my closest friends and colleagues disagree with my stances on most social issues. If fact, most of them are welfare liberals if not outright socialists. Therefore, I fully expect to attract a lot of criticism. Fortunately, like all true libertarians, I have extraordinarly "thick skin," and therefore you will not offend me by offering criticism. In fact, I must admit that libertarian doctrine is, in fact, far from philosophically "air-tight," and that I don't have everything all figured out. But until I'm convinced otherwise, I do believe that any alternative social and political philosophy based on involuntary collectivity is clearly indefensible.

Freedom's Philosopher
P.S. You might want to read the older enties first.

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