Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Business Ethics: Index

The following FP links are my writings on "Business Ethics." They are from the book I've been working on for twenty years.  They save my students a lot of money... I never use textbooks for my ethics courses. All free stuff. The Cincinnati Enquirer has given me permission to use online material for case studies.  

Chapter #1: What is a Corporation?

Chapter #2: Stockholder Theory of Corporate Management and Stakeholder Theory of Corporate Management

Chapter #3: Leadership Theory, Followership Theory, Self Organization, Leadership, Culture, and the Market, Information Flow and Leadership

Chapter #4: Media Ethics

Chapter #9: Ethics of Whistleblowing

Chapter #10: Privacy in the Workplace

Chapter #11:  Discrimination

Chapter #12: Discrimination in the Workplace

Chapter #13:  Affirmative Action

Chapter #14: Sexual Harassment

Chapter #15: Fairness in Compensation: Minimum-Wage and Executive Compensation

Chapter #16: Health and Safety in the Workplace

Chapter #17: Marketing Ethics

Chapter #18: Consumer Health and Safety

Chapter 19: Price Fairness

Chapter #20: Consumer Privacy

Chapter #21: Business Ethics in a Global Context: Objectivism v. Relativism

Chapter #22: Sweat Shops

Chapter #23: Bribery and Corruption

APPENDIX: What is Ethics?

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